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More about winter biking

A view of my winter biking gear

Winter biking takes a bit more gear than at other times. In addition to the studded tires and lots of lights/reflectors, it takes a different way to stay warm. Even little bit of wind can make ‘pretty cold’ feel ‘too effing cold’, so covering all skin is important. However, it is hard to have good visibility and make shoulder checks in a full parka with face snorkel. Some Saskatooners wear motorcycle helmets with face shields when it is really cold.

My solution has been a wool balaklava under my regular helmet. When it is really cold I have soft shell balaklava I stole from Graham. I also recently got some clear ski googles so my eyes don’t tear up and freeze when it is super cold. I wear my warmest ski gloves, my MEC down micro-puff, and my regular raintrench overtop. I wear my regular work clothes and shoes under that, although I often wear leg warmers while riding.

It has been really great to be able to ride in the snow, I feel a lot less house-bound. It is faster to ride to work, but I’ve also bee riding to the boathouse 3 times per week for rowing erg practices, riding to acroyoga, and soon starting a powerlifting course. Groceries still happen by bus or when we rent a car, since hauling a fully loaded bike over the never-cleared residential streets on the East side would be pretty yucky.

Indoor Bikes

Warehouse bikes.

These bikes are in an aircraft maintenance hangar.  I am not sure if it is parking for commuter bikes, or if they are just used within the airport or maybe even on the tarmac (I have never seen bikes being ridden outside at the airport).  At any rate, there are enough of them that they have their own designated parking spot.  We saw a few bike parking areas like this in the hangars.

Autumn bikes

Bikes on the bike path in front of the football stadium
Near the same spot but looking in the other direction
A cyclist on the motorway in an older section of town. These houses were here before there were cars driving by, but maybe there were bikes.

Les Cycles… version Français

After getting a bike-picture -loving message from bicycle-researcher-supreme Kay, I have been on the lookout for cool bikes when I travel.  I also have a scooter-loving friend Tim,  and   there is a surprising amount of crossover.  I have finally added ‘cycles’ as a tag, so you can look back at all the various bikes and scooters we saw this year.  This post is all about the bikes and scooters (and hybrids) of France.

Graham trying to take on-bike pictures. Not bad for a first try.
Awesome pink moped in Montmartre
Ever try to pick someone up at a bar or cafe and realize after inviting them to your place (to see your stamp collection) you don't have room for passengers? Prroblem solved! (Paris)
The veteran-supporting London to Paris ride. I bet it was gross riding through the chunnel. Dig those poppies though!
Another cool moped scooter
Substantial scooter parking in the Opera district of Paris
Awesome scooter with a roof. We are seeing more and more these, I suppose to extend the scooter season.
The PREMUS gang riding in the Loire valley on rented bikes.