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2- and 3-wheelers

Old Honda scooter
Rusty oldtimer in Bergen. Bergen is a hilly and rainy city, but still lots of bikes
A train bike (trike) that rides on the rails. Service people used these to change signals and check the tracks
Another train bike

Bike art

Our Canadian buddy Richard has his birthday today. We were lucky to get some awesome cake at a get-together on Sunday, but it took me this long to make the painting… but not late since today is the day!

Richard and Jennie are serious cyclists (mountain and touring)  and have done lots of multi-day, 100s -of-kilometre trips. Richard also builds bikes, so fair to say that ‘bikes’ seemed like a reasonable theme for some birthday art.  This picture shows Richard and Jennie riding down a mountain over some giant gears with a map of Sweden (complete with what I imagine to be the bike trips around Stockholm, Gävle, and Umeå in red).  Jennie was saying that their walls are bare since moving in, so hopefully this will fill some space.

The ‘bikes’ picture with its purple matting and (reflective) glass frame

Happy Birthday Richard!


This is a photo essay about scooters in Croatia, for Tim and also our dads.

Little streets make scooters practical
Not all the scooters are in good shape
There were some nice vintage rides though, like this old skool vespa.
Lots of places have dedicated scooter parking because they are so plentiful
Would you like your scooter with a view? You can see Split's cathedral tower in the background

Utility bikes

The gardener's bike, complete with tools!

The “old towns” of Split and Dubrovnik are old stone cities, and both have very narrow streets.  In some streets you can reach out your arms and touch the buildings on both sides.  These old towns predate the automobile by centuries, and there is no way for cars to get in or drive around.  This calls for some ingenuity.  Supplies are carted in and waste carted out over the cobble stones using hand carts,  wagons,  mini-mini motorized trucks, and bikes.  Of course, bikes need to be modified for carrying and hauling.  This is one such ‘utility bike’.

More Bikes

A vintage 1955 bike for a Swedish James Dean-type. What do you think, Tim?
This bike is made entirely out of plastic, except the chain, gears, and some brake mechanisms.  We saw it at the Upplandsmuset in the ‘Mid century Sedish plastics’ exhibit.
This bike is made entirely out of plastic, except the chain, gears, and some brake mechanisms. We saw it at the Upplandsmuset in the ‘Mid century Swedish plastics’ exhibit.
This one is beyond old-school. I think it weighs 50kg; better not tip it over.
This is a vintage crescent moped bike. There was an exhibit about the crescent factory and its patriarch, Gustav. Most of the commuter bikes in Sweden look just like the crescent bikes of 50-60 years ago. Some of them may even be 50-60 years old.
You may be questioning your understanding of Swedish here: doesn’t that say NO bikes? Yes, yes it does.
This is one of the 4 bike parking lots at the Uppsala train station. Some of the bikes have been here a long time, since before the snow fell. Many have been served with ‘move your bike’ notices. If these get ignored for a certain number of weeks, then the bike will be brought to the police station, fixed up (often these bikes have taco wheels) and sold. We bought our bikes this way for about 350kr ($50). Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!