Leaving on a jetplane

but I do know when I’ll be back again – at Christmas!

It’s T minus 4 hours to lift off and we’re ready to go.  Everything is packed, the apartment is cleaner than I’ve ever seen it and we’re fueled and hydrated up.

Right now I’m just excited to get to Prague, relax for a day and then get out on the course on Saturday.  It will be great to get all of the men’s crew from across the country together as we’ll only have four days to get everything sorted out.  The mixed crew is firing on all cylinders so I can’t wait to get there and race.

I forgot to mention in the last post that if you’re checking out the results Catherine and I both are racing in Premier Mixed and I’m also in the Premier Open crew – for Canada of course!

Looking forward to watching a bunch of movies and doing some reading on the 13.5 hour journey.  Next post will be from the other side of the world!

Racing Results

We will try to update here with results of the races, but we may not have connectivity or time due to the long days.  After racing all day we’ll probably just be looking for food and rest and may not be keen to spend time on the computer, but we’ll try.

Racing starts Wed the 26th.  Hopefully the event organizers will post the results timely, but there are no guarantees.  Try the following sites:




Coach Kamini is also going to try and keep a blog updated at:


Final Countdown

It turns out that we had a little more than 20% of our stuff left in the apartment – lots of last minute items that we didn’t gnat to go without for 2 weeks when we did the ‘big move’. I have borrowed a scale from Graham’s parents (we have never owned one), so now we can pack our suitcases to maximize the amount of stuff going to Sweden!

We got our Team uniforms yesterday for World Championships. Everything seems pretty nice except for the shorts. The ‘board short’ style has a super-large waists and cramped bum space… not a very athletic cut, more of a couch potato vibe. The Women’s lycra shorts are super-short booty shorts like you might see at Bikram’s yoga. Happily, I got the men’s lycra shorts which are quite comfy with a nice Canada logo. I’ll upload some pictures in CZ (once I unpack the camera.)

We are planning to cook most of our own meals in Prague so we are eating familiar foods (it is also a lot cheaper!) I am not keen on the typical local diet of sausage and potatoes. Our friend Erica is bringing a rice cooker and I am bringing some spices etc. so we will have rice and bean burritos, couscous and curried chickpeas, lentils, and Thai coconut rice with Tofu (provided they have tofu there!) We’ll be sure to post on how that goes.

Packing for the trip

We have packed up 80% of our stuff and brought it to Graham’s parent’s place. We are lucky they are storing it in their basement as that is a lot cheaper than a storage locker. I think their basement will also end up being our room when we come back to visit at Christmas.

Now we have to pack the rest – and some harder decisions about what to bring and what to leave. Warm winter clothes are at the top of the list as Stockholm regularly gets temperatures of -15 in the winter. I am bringing my XC boots but not my skis – it costs so much to ship stuff that I am better off getting new skis. We are leaving our snowshoes too, but will likely pick them up when we come to visit at Christmas.

As excited as we are to get to Sweden, we are not going straight there. First we are going to the Czech Republic for the Dragonboat World Championships. Graham and I are racing on the mixed team and Graham is on the men’s team too. Below is a picture of our Team in Whistler last month.

Whistler race

After we are done racing we will visit Poland, Hungary, and Austria. It will be an adventure to drag all our luggage on those trains – but it should be fun.

Pictures and stories to come – stay tuned!