Outta luck and stuck

I have done a lot of transcontinental trips, sometimes at Christmas with wintry conditions that snarled up air traffic. I have always been pretty lucky, even if just making the connection by running and scamming and squeezing. Well, today I was flying with my preferred airline (KLM) on my preferred route (see last post) but the plane was not cooperating. After fiddling with the landing gear for a while, they decided it was not fit for flight (airworthy?) and cancelled the flight. This was my first time being in the long lineup of sad people waiting for re-booking. Normally I run by these people and feel a bit bad but mostly feel relieved I am not them. Luckily for me it was just my flight, not 20 other flights like during the snowstorms. They kept my checked baggage checked and sent me to the local Ibis airport hotel (which I have had rather enough of after the flight loader study, but at least it is familiar). A dinner, a breakfast, maybe a quick workout in their gym and then back to the airport for a flight to Vancouver via Montreal on good ol’ AC. Eff!

On the bright side, I am guaranteed a trip to Albert Hijen (which didn’t fit into my initial itinerary) for the good stroopwaffle and licorice. Does anyone have a hankering for toast sprinkles?


  1. I wish I knew what toast sprinkles are. Do I feel envious or grateful? I do miss black licorice. Not a lot, or all the time, but occasionally, when I smell some, I crave some good black licorice. Why you gotta have wheat in you, licorice?

    I hope the rest of the travels are smooth.

  2. That sucks! And it’s unfortunate that it’s not even a particularly hilarious reason to cancel a flight. I was quite proud when my flight to Sweden was cancelled because a forklift tore a hole in the side of the plane – that was an entertaining image to keep me company while waiting in the lineups…
    Safe journey! Say hi to BC for me!

  3. I can’t believe you ended up back at Ibis … oh, Catherine! Here’s hoping the redux travel day went much more smoothly!

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