We have wheels

After a couple of failed attempts to get bikes we successfully  purchased a couple of stolen, police-recovered (but never claimed) bikes.  The place selling them is only open two days a week and the number of bikes available can vary but is usually a small number.  You need to be there right when it opens (07:30) and then just grab whatever you see and hope your first impression is a good one.

I was able to grab a nice commuter-style single gear bike that is in good shape for 500SEK (~$80) which would retail for about 4000 new and Catherine ended up with a Franken-mountain-bike.  The first one she grabbed was also a mountain bike but the brakes didn’t work.  Luckily there was still one bike left and she claimed it.  You don’t see many people riding around on mountain bikes here so that is probably the reason no one grabbed it right away and why it was cheaper – 300SEK.

Catherine may end up using the commuter a little more since it has fenders and a chain guard to protect her work clothes and I can take the mountain bike and explore some of the not-too-technical trails in the area.

It’s nice to have some quicker transport – our trip to the University is now under 10 minutes.  If the weather is nice this weekend (which it is supposed to be) we may make the 15km trek out to Bönan which is apparently a fishing village with some beach access for a picnic.

Our sweet new bikes... haven't taken them off any sweet jumps yet
Our sweet new bikes... haven't taken them off any sweet jumps just yet



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