Mediterranean Dinner

All the fixings for roast vegetable wraps

We had a nice Sunday dinner last week. I thought of Elizabeth since this is her favourite dinner.

A completed wrap. They were great!


  1. mmmmm. this looks delicious!!!
    with basil from the most important member of your family… he he he
    thanks for thinking of me… wish i was there to feast.
    love you

  2. is that some yummy halloumi on the side?

    Trader Joe’s now carries “frying cheese” which is fatter and not as flavourful as halloumi, but also significantly cheaper, so i don’t mind when Miss K snacks away on it. It is also not as salty.

    We still far prefer the actual halloumi when it is for appie trays or Catherine-salad. Thank you for hte introduction to this treat.

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