Legends of the Thaw

Red states bad, red numbers good.

With the lengthening days it was an inevitability that the temperatures would warm up even if it felt like winter would last forever.  The last few days have had our first above zero high temperatures since early December.  Record sub-zero streaks were broken right across the country and the national weather gurus are calling this the worst Swedish winter in 22 years.  Of course for us this is the worst winter in well, forever.  We’re not out of the woods just yet as the cold air makes its way back later this week.

The daytime thawing and night time freezing is making a mess of the roads and sidewalks making foot travel treacherous.  Not only do you have to place each step with care you also have to watch out for huge falling ice and snow chunks from building overhangs and roofs.  Unfortunately I think we’re going to be at this gross melt stage for quite a while as there is still A LOT of snow everywhere.

Snow piles like this are a common sight.
Ice and snow covered lake by the university.
The ducks are waiting for the ice chunks on the river to melt.