Let the party begin!

I can only imagine the party underway all over Canada. What a great way to cap off a great performance from the entire Canadian team in all sports. 14 Golds and 26 overall – who would have thought? It’s too bad we couldn’t be there to experience it, but we were watching and cheering intently from afar.

It was kind of fun to watch the hockey final with the Swedish commentary. They throw in English every once in a while which is fun. After the first Canadian goal the play-by-play guy said “The place goes bananas!” which for some reason is really funny with a Swedish accent. And after Crosby scored in overtime he said “The Next One Cometh!”

Stay classy Canada! Have fun, but stay safe.


  1. It was INSANE in Vancouver!!! I couldn’t watch the actual Canada/US game given how stressful it was for me to watch the Russia/Canada game. But it was really nice to see how happy everyone was after the game. There were crowds and crowds of people everywhere downtown in Vancouver and people were honking and waving flags all over the city. I probably should have taken some pictures for you – hopefully you caught some news footage on cbc. Apparently people were partying until 4 or 5 in the morning downtown. They also closed the liquor stores early to help curb the violence. Overall it was a cool experience!

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