On our second to last day in Dubrovnik we decided to catch that small ferry over to Lokrum Island (it’s the one you see in many of the pictures in the Dubrovnik post).  Before departure we picked up some items so we could have a picnic on the island.  It was fun to go to the open air vegetable market – the old lady selling greens was adamant that buying one bunch of spinach was insufficient so we had to buy three.  We also bought some nice cherry tomatoes and got some bread and cream cheese to make sandwiches.  And of course we needed some chocolate as well!  We took the first boat of the day (10AM) and without any set plan we started exploring the island.  Since it’s early in the season there were points that it seemed that we had the whole place to ourselves – it was great!  Here are some pictures from the day.

Lokrum island as seen from the little ferry boat. See if you can spot the French lookout post.
Cacti in the Botanical garden on the island.
Blossoms of a fruit tree in the botanical garden... maybe a pear or quince?
The botanical garden
The rebuilt, renovated, now-crumbling walls of the monastery on Lokrum island
Me and Graham in the Lokrum olive garden. There were also lots of lemons and oranges
Graham under an orange tree by the old garden wall.
The garden courtyard at the monastery. There was a little restaurant for eating lunch here too.
The retaining wall, rocky shore and tidal pools on the north side of the island. We spent a bunch of time here searching for creatures in the tide pools. We found sea cucumbers, various fish, anemones, and shrimps.
Cliff diving anyone?
The rocky shore of Lokrum island
There is a nudist beach on the south end of the island. There was no one around, so Graham didn't have a problem taking a picture of the 'no taking pictures' sign.