Running and scones

The scones complete with jam. Raisin on the left and pecan-orange on the right.

Sunday morning we went for a run at Hemlingby, which is a great Sunday ritual now (I hear Svensk Kyrkan is lovely, but the forest is better).  No snakes, but Graham saw what we think was a Tjäder.

After running we invited the gang back to our place for scones.  My Mom is a scone expert, so I have eaten a lot and seen a lot being made, but I haven’t really made that many.  Luckily, these ones turned out: Raisin drop scones and pecan-orange triangles.  All with egg white glaze, because that is how I roll (like that one, Dad?)  We all ate lots and there are still some for tomorrow. Graham and I don’t know how to make coffee, so our buddies Jennie and Richard brought their skookum coffee maker over and co-hosted with us. Teamwork!

Jennie and Richard made coffee with their awesome coffee maker, so the post-run fika was complete!

We are now on the countdown for Elizabeth’s visit:  She arrives Tuesday night!