My pet fish!

I like animals in general and always had (multiple) pets growing up. I have been wanting to get a cat for some time, but when you are moving around a lot it doesn’t seem fair.  But now I have a new pet!  My good friend Jordan is a great gardener and koi aficionado, and she has got me “my own” fish to live in her pond.  Introducing Blixt, the lightning-fast silver butterfly koi!  He really stands out against the bottom of the pond, so I hope and eagle or heron doesn’t spot him.

Blixt and Bling (Jordan´s fish)

Graham also has a new fish… unnamed as of yet, any suggestions?  This guy is darker and harder to see in the pond – maybe a useful trait.  I like his gold fins. Maybe we can call him Goldfinder! (pronounced like “fin” not “fine”)

My fish and Graham´s unnamed fish

So not a pet-able pet that I live with, but a pet nonetheless, and I am delighted!

PS: I don´t actually know that the fish are male, so I am going with male pronouns now for convenience.  If the fish decide they feel more like female fish, I will be first in line to buy them fish lipstick.


  1. are you suggesting that male fish would not be interested in fish lipstick? ’cause they might be…

    it’s good to have a pet. Goldfinder makes me think of Bond (which i typed first as ‘bong’ which would be something completely different) and Bond goes well with Blixt and Bling. Alternately, if you determine it’s a female fish, then maybe Goldilocks.

    What does Blixt mean?

  2. For “bling”, check the urban dictionary. Blixt is Swedish for “flash” or “lightning”.

    I guess if my fish really wants lipstick, I would get it. But not before talking about the failings of the beauty industry.

  3. I meant in Swedish. *knows what it means in english* I guess it doesn’t have a special, extra, meaning in Swedish.

    And yeah, you’d have to look into naturally eco-sensitive fish-friendly non-petroleum plant-based colours in lip stain that would not wash off in water before the fish was ready. If you were a “good” pet-owner that is.

    You probably wouldn’t have to worry about lipgloss.

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