Parting Gift

I was nervous about finding a curly-hair cutter in Gävle since most Swedish folks have straight hair. I even heard a story from an acquaintance with Persian heritage that she went to a salon and they refused to cut her curly hair because they didn’t know what to do with it. (!)

An unglamourous arm's-length view of my new haircut. Wash 'n' go!

Combined with the fact that I am cheap and even a mediocre cut here can be the equivalent of 100 dollars. How I miss Dean! Happily, Elizabeth cut my hair as a favour before leaving for Canada. I asked for it all to be 8-9cm from the scalp, which is easy enough to do but creates a great-for-summer Nina Simone-sized afro. Elizabeth even gave me some cute bobby pins to wear with it! It is not pony-tailable, so for a while at least I will be wearing my hair everyday, or with some pins. But it sure dries a lot faster now!


  1. I think it will be cute for you to have it down more often – and if it bugs you, getting in your face, you can always ananas it up – only now maybe you’d also be dragonfruit.

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