Racing in Hong Kong

Dragon Boats in Hong Kong Harbour
Dragon Boats in Hong Kong Harbour

Our dragon boat team from Vancouver has been invited to race at an international regatta in Hong Kong and we have been fortunate enough to be invited to race with them even though we haven’t been on the water at all this year.  The organizers are taking care of most of the ground costs so we really only have to worry about flights (who would have thought it’s cheaper to fly from Stockholm than Vancouver?).  How could we say no?

Racing in Asia, especially in Hong Kong, where the sport originated and has strong cultural roots will be amazing.  We’ll be racing right in the craziness of Hong Kong harbour which will add something to the experience I’m sure.  We both have been staying fit, but we’re going to have to employ a non-standard training regime to get on-water ready.  I’m sure will have some posts over the next month on our training sessions.

So much for reducing our carbon footprint – at least we take an electric train to/from the airport!


  1. Wow!

    This will be awesome. What an amazing experience that will be. Have either of you been to Hong Kong before?

    When do you go? (I don’t think your note says.)

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