Us in front of one of the numerous canals in Amsterdam.

Catherine had been to Amsterdam a couple times in the past and really enjoyed the city, so it was on our list of places to see while in Europe. We figured that it was close enough to Hamburg to make it a side trip so we spent a couple days checking it out last week. As Catherine mentioned earlier, I probably wasn’t as impressed as she was the first time she was in Amsterdam because of all the European cities we’ve seen, but I really did like Amsterdam. Whereas many of the cities we’ve been to have a concentration of nice old buildings in the centre it seemed like Amsterdam had nothing but. Canal after canal was lined with nice neighbourhoods to check out and there were lots of big open public squares and parks spread out all over the place. We only had two days, but I think we saw most of the major outdoor sights, but didn’t (thankfully) check out the big art museums as Catherine luckily has seen them on previous trips.

Without us blocking the view. You can get almost the exact same view from so many locations in Amsterdam as the numerous canals surround the city. With all the drinking and smoking going on I'm not sure how people get back to their hotels at night as you could easily run around in circles saying 'weren't we just here?'
Vondelpark is right in the heart of the city. I'm always a fan of cities with green space close at hand.
The wonderful (I'm told) Rijksmuseum has a huge collection of Dutch Masters whatever those are.
Cool facade on the old movie theatre. We watched 'Inception' there - good movie, worth seeing.
That's a really narrow house. It would be neat to see how small the rooms must be inside and how many stairs there are. Many of the buildings look similar to this and many have a significant lean either towards their neighbour or more scarily forward over the street. I assume Amsterdam isn't on a fault line otherwise I think things will be pretty ugly should there to be an earthquake.
Catherine (with great matching hat) in front of the Bulldog which claims to be the first 'Coffeeshop' in Amsterdam. They're not serving a lot of coffee if you know what I mean...