Kind of a big deal

the 50-person 'long dragonboat'

Graham already mentioned that Dragon boat is kind of a big deal in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is the home of modern dragonboat racing as a sport, and was the site of the first several World Championships. The people seem to really identify with the sport, and there are a lot of ties to the local traditional culture. Going there to race might be kind of like some Hong Kong hockey players coming to Canada to play in the NHL… a much bigger deal than they are used to.  Here are some highlights.

A display about the carnival at the airport
Mascots running around at the regatta... 'drummy' and 'draggy'. (ok, not really their names)
I took this picture of one of the local teams with their rec division trophy. They were so pumped!
There were several displays like this, a whole dragonboat set up in a little pond. These are the traditional teak boats, but we used more modren composite ones.
There were signs like this all over town, and also on bus shelters and giant ones on the sides of busses.


  1. That first photo in the harbour is outstanding! I like drummy’s gaiters and headband – he went all-out. Also, the green sign in the background was unexpected.

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