More Eurocars

Another popular feature, made especially with Dads in mind but hopefully enjoyed by all.

I have no idea what this is, but it looks like a classic and I think it will fit in even the smallest alleys in Amsterdam.
Graham showing the scale of this tiny car in Amsterdam
I can´t get enough of these awesome classic Volvos. This one is actually in the Netherlands.
A cute "canal car" paddle-boat in Alkmaar.
Mini-car in action!
80s Alfa-Romeo
Awesome old convertible in Elmshorn, Germany.
Cute old convertible in Hamburg. I think the Eatery in Vancouver has a similar one parked outside the restaurant with their name on it.
Mini-delivery wagon at the Hamburg Waterfront
Another 3-wheeler delivery truck. It is basically a closed-in scooter.
Yet another mini-truck, this time without Graham as a convenient measuring tool to show it is 0.7 Grahams high.