Norska Katter!

We had a great trip to Norway, so we will post some stories and pictures in the coming weeks. Of course, one of the highlights is the ‘kitties of the world’ tour.

Cute Oslo kitty that crossed the street to see us.

Sometimes in Sweden I read the classified ads (very simple sentence structure there) especially the pets section.  I asked the group at work about ‘Norsk Skogkatt‘, which sounds like it must be some kind of Norwegian mountain lion.  It turns out it is just a really big, furry domesticated cat with big furry paws for running over the snow.  I pictured something like a maine coon cat, which I had encountered in Vancouver.  I had never actually seen one, but thought that it would be more likely in Norway, if only for the ‘Norsk’ name.

Bernie petting Oslo-kitty. Look, he jumped up for pets!
The first cat we saw, Oslo's Tiger mascot...the city is also called 'Tigerstaden'

We walked around some quiet alleys  and came across a couple of nice cats.  The third cat was the lucky one, a great big furry black/brown one that reminded me of our family’s beloved alpha cat, Nubsie.  Definitely a skogkatt!  He was super friendly and came around to rub everyone’s ankles while purring really loud.  We all pet him a bit a then continued with our walk., then he went back to ruling his stoop with an iron paw.

The awesome Norskskogkatt!
He was super friendly, with a big loud purr.


  1. AWWWWW! Friendly jump-for-pets kitty! And numbsie from norway!
    i love the kitties!!!
    love love

  2. Kitties-of-the-world-tour is a good band name. The Norsk Nubbsie pics are awesome.

    Princeton’s mascot is the tiger also. There are tiger sculptures all over the campus, like this.

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