Our Newest Team mate

Our Swedish buddy and generous canoe-lender LT

When we found out we would go to race in Hong Kong, we were a little worried about how we would prepare.  We had paddles, but has not seen any canoes yet since coming to Sweden.  Enter Lars-Torsten, professor of business at the University and all-round friendly guy.  He has spent rather a lot of time in the US on various research trips and sabbaticals, and he knows what it is like to be the new guy.  He and his wife Agnes kindly lent us their canoe so we could get some actual paddle strokes in before we raced.  They also had us over to their place several times for some great soups and garden produce… they have a great garden.

On our return from Hong Kong we wanted to get something special for LT for being so supportive.  We thought a Hong Kong Team short would do the trick.  I am glad we guessed the right size, it looks great and he says he will use it for biking.  Thanks Lars-Torsten and Agnes!