First Snow!

It didn’t stick, but October 15 saw the first snowfall (or blow around anyway) in Gavle.

Early snowboarders

For some reason they have not really turned the heat up in our building, so everyone works in 2 sweaters and Wednesday’s seminar saw some scarfs and mittens. Now I know I have some environmental karma (i.e. carbon credits) to work off from all my plane trips, but come on! 15 degrees is just not warm enough for sedentary desk work.
On the bright side, it has been bright: sunny days and my office has windows.

On the weekend they trucked in some fake snow to set up a little hill with some jumps and a rail for snowboarders to promote the local ski hill.


  1. OMG, It snowed again today (Wednesday.) Way to really give winter your all, Sweden. No holding back!

  2. Hm, the forecast said pouring rain and wind but I was on the lake this morning in my tippy K1 and T-shirt getting too hot paddling up and down the lake in the sun and slight breeze. But it did start to rain in the afternoon 🙂

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