Me and the goat

As I have described before, Julinvigning is the kick-off to advent and the Christmas season. In Gävle, this means the outdoor concert and fireworks to inaugurate the goat (or as my friend Vincent puts it, the ‘goat launch thing’). You can read more about the goat here and see the goat cam here.

The Goat in daytime

This was a rare invigning with perfect weather: clear, cold, and snowy. Everyone brought their camera and there were a number of professionals with tripods taking pictures for postcards and calendars etc. A snowy goat picture is pretty special!

The stage and the crowd. This is well before the fireworks, things filled in even more over the next 45 minutes.

It was a balmy -8, and kids were throwing snowballs and making snow angels while grownups danced around to keep warm. Everyone and their dog and baby stroller comes to the Julinvigning, it is a real community event.

Twilight Goat - looking North at 16:30
The quintessential snowy goat picture. Note the fire extinguisher!

After The outdoor ceremony, I invited everyone back to my apartment for a glögg party. I had pre-heated the glögg so we were able to drink it right away once we got in, and after a few hours outside in -8 weather that was a real blessing. We ate cookies and lussekattar and västerbottenostpaj, meatballs with lingon, knäckerbröd with cheese and veggie platter.

The spread


  1. I love gloegg – with raisins and almonds!!! My former Swedish colleague always brough some to our Christmas Party at work.
    The one thing I miss during the Christmas time are the Christmas Markets they have in Gemany all over the place – some small some real big an famous. But all have Gluehwein stands were you can warm up while doing your Christmas shopping.

  2. all this talk of yummy food and the giant straw goat makes me wonder if a herd of hungry goats has ever attacked the giant jule-bok?

  3. Catherine, you are such a Swede!
    Your comments and pictures make me so homesick for my grandparents and their traditions. Wonderful stuff.
    We are looking forward to seeing you soon!
    much love,

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