2009 Mandarin and 2010 Saffron

Glögg is like German gluvin – kind of like a mulled wine.  However, Sweden takes it up a notch, with many different flavours, alcohol levels, and price points.  My favorites are the alcoholic ones made with liquor rather than wine.  So far I like the ‘annual flavour’   from Blossa glögg annual glögg.  Last year was mandarin flavour, and this year it is saffron.  Both were great, although I have a preference for last year’s.   Glögg is often paired with pepparkakor or other Christmas treats, and is served warm.  It is a great warm-up drink when you come in from the cold and I think it is the epitome of winter hospitality to be greeted with it when you trudge through the snow to visit someone.


  1. I like you thinking and have definitely been enjoying your fine wintery hospitality! Glögg, Pimms, vodka, … I think it is going to be a good winter 🙂

  2. awwww that looks delish!

    That is so Nanna (and awesome) of you to think of it from the perspective of the traveler.

    You’re a hosty with the mosty! (i thought less gender biased than hostess?)

    I love you and miss you millions.


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