Kanadensisk Fru

Oh, the humanity

I have started a new blog to give me practice writing in Swedish.  The intended audience is really my  Swedish class buddies, and long-suffering Swedish friends who will get a giggle at my iunintentional mistakes.  Hopefully it will also  show my Swedish teachers I am not a total slacker even though I have been away so much.

The name is a bit of a play on a popular Swedish reality television show: ‘Swedish housewives in Hollywood‘.  This is a show about lovely (trophy) Swedish expats who have married wealthy Americans and follows them through their various non-dramas like “how will I fit in a tanning session and manicure before the big party?” and “my husband doesn’t like my precious purse-doggie, but I adore purse-doggie! Katastrof!”

If you want to check it out, you can use Google translate for some great Engrish.  You can also make some Swedish comments using Google translate (or use your mad Swedish skillz, Graham!)