Gotland ruiner

St. Karin's catherdral. Raise the roof!

Gotland is a Swedish Island halfway into the Baltic. In its golden days it was a massively successful hanseatic port, and they demonstrated their wealth and success through building churches. The golden days were followed by a rapid decline in trade and population so the churches were not rebuilt or modified or renovated, and that means that there are still lots of old ruins on the island that have not been altered or re-appropriated. Many of the churches date back to the 1200s, and one has been restored, not to its original splendour, but displaying all its updates in an architectural mishmash.

S:t Karin's
Another view of St Karin
The only old church that is still maintained.

Visby is the main city on Gotland: where the Ferry lands, where the nightclubs are, and home to a UNESCO world heritage site medieval walled city containing some old ruins and buildings and original spaghetti-shaped street plan.

Cute little wooden house
A 3-story wooden house from the 1700's
The outer wall of Visby
The outer wall