Flyttdags loppis!

I am moving back to Canada and need to find a home for all my furniture. Some things already have a future owner, but there is still lots of stuff. It would be ideal if you could pick it up between August 20 and 27. First/best offer walks out with it, and the best offer might be 1 cookie, or free, since I am not picky and am looking to minimize my delivery trips to Myrorna. 🙂 Email me if you would like something… and feel free to tell your friends.

KLIPPAN black leather sofa from Ikea
Ikea bucket chair to match the sofa
LACK birch foil side table from Ikea. there are 2 of these as well as a matching coffee table.
The matching birch foil LACK coffee table to match the side tables
BENJAMIN stacking bentwood stool from Ikea. there are 2 of these
INGO table from Ikea - there are 2 of these. Also 2 matching wooden chairs.
low square coffee table, also a padded metal tube chair (maybe for your deck?)
Air mattress, king size. I will need this until the last days!
Hatrack with hooks and wall hooks, also some baskets.
A selection of lamps. Denise gets the first choice, but after Aug 20 the rest can be yours!
Ceiling light fixture
Miscellaneous towels, kitchen linens, and table linens
electric hair trimmer, Graham's Swedish salon
cordless phone
various picture frames and 4 white plastic ikea boxes
Tools from the hardware bucket
Yoga mat and 2 massage balls
DVDs and Windows7 in Swedish


  1. SOLD!
    J&R: Stacking stools, yoga mat + balls, plastic buckets, wicker basket, lack table(s)
    H&E: Star lampa, ‘salon’, lack table(s)

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