Lust and Vice

Once I sort through my many Riga photos I will post about that.  In the meantime, art!  I took a detour on my way home from Riga to visit the Swedish National Art museum in Stockholm. They have a great exhibit (heh) on now called ‘Lust och Last‘ demonstrating naughtiness throughout the ages.  It is a great collection, and very well curated with a nice progressive view on history and culture, which I have come to really appreciate from Swedish museums. Unfortunately photos were not allowed in that exhibit, but I took a few pictures from elsewhere in the museum that I thought could speak to the topic.

Wrestling women? Come on! Bless Sweden for having an awesome interpretive signs describing the influence of the male gaze in historic art collections.
Maybe this one is more of a 'know it when I see it'.
a Reproduction of the Venus de Milo. It is far easier to get pictures of this one! The museum also has a fantastic painting showing a couple looking at the statue in the Louvre in 1850-ish.

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  1. It’s amazing once you start visiting museums how different they can be – in quality of items, in tone, in theme, in curator bias.

    We visited the ancient marble quarries on Paros – the source of the Parian marble used for Venus de Milo. Parian Greeks are quite proud of this.

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