Another World Championships Complete

Congratulations to all the Canadian crews, and a special thanks to the alligator wranglers for keeping the biters off the Florida racecourse.  I haven’t heard reports from the Team about the last day yet, but I am sure the party was EPIC and there are lots of stories and incriminating photos to enjoy for years to come.

For those of you waiting for the final result in Men’s premier 500m, here it is straight from the official Tampa 2011 twitter feed:

R222 Result Premier Open Std Bt GFinal

L5 GER 01:53.962

L3 USA 01:54.198

L6 CHN 01:54.622

L1 GBR 01:56.708

L2 CAN 01:56.730

L4 HUN 01:58.714

Fifth place for Canada, quite a good result in such a stacked field! I know everyone’s winter chinups will be fuelled by the 0.022 seconds that separated them from GB.  I am impressed with the Germans; I bet they had a bunch of ex-Olympian flatwater guys in their boat, which is quite a boost in terms of power and just feeling badass.  I can confess to being quite starstruck when I met Andreas Dittmer in Prague at the last World Championships (dissolves into girlish giggles).


  1. that is bad-ass Graham!
    Well done. You are a paddling machine!
    I hope you travels were safe and smooth.

    hugs and love

    ps. is there audio available for these giggles you mentioned? 🙂 he he he

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