Long weekend travels

A foot bridge over Beaver Creek

On the long weekend Graham found a good deal on a rental car. We got a lot of use out of it, making a few trips to Superstore to stock up the pantry and also making some fun trips further abroad than out bikes would take us.

Graham with a very tame chickadee. We didn't feed them, but obviously some people do because they are very tame.

We went out to Beaver Creek Conservation area for a hike and picnic in 20-degree weather. Pretty nice for October! We also got in a few paddles on the weekend to take advantage of the good weather.

Lots of chipmunks in the woods, also lots of prarie dogs and occasional porcupines.
Another view of the 'valley' formed by Beaver Creek
Water winds a lot when it doesn't have a lot of speed - because there isn't a big altitude change on the flat prairie
Could this be some kind of prairie lingon? It grew in low sprawling shrubs like lingon, but inside the red skin it looked really pithy inside, so I didn't hazard a taste.

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  1. whoa! those chickadees and chipmunks barely even cared that you were there… in fact they kinda seemed to want to hang out with you. whoa tame forest creatures!

    It sounds like you guys really seized the warm weather and enjoyed some fun outdoor stuff. Yay for paddles! What was the paddling like? did you meet awesome paddling peeps? It sounds like you had fun, awesome!

    the beaver creek ‘valley’ looks nice with all the foliage changing colours for autumn. that is pretty. 🙂

    prolly wise about the lingon berry look alikes. It could be an express train to back door trott town.

    love you

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