The University Bridge - its arches within arches are a Saksatoon icon and show up in lots of local logos. You can see our apartment building over on the left! Thank goodness, a quick walk to work.

We arrived on Saturday, and luckily our stuff did too – so we were reunited with all our furniture the same day. We spent Sunday unpacking, but also got a chance to ride the bikes around to do a bit of shopping and ‘sightseeing’. It is a small town, but we were greeted with unseasonably warm weather (highs in the mid-twenties) and folks have been friendly so far.

The riverside trail system is really nice, and they are making improvements to it too. This 'trail interchange' is right by the year-round Farmer's Market.
The South Saskatchewan River and the Bessburough hotel as seen from the University Bridge (looking South)

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  1. Ummm … are there people in the Skatch?!? I am getting quite the zombie movie vibe here 😉

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