Secret ingredient brownies

Can you guess what the secret ingredient is?

Since reading about the lentil growers recipes, I have been wanting to try lentil brownies.  Today we have a department Christmas potluck, so I thought this was a perfect opportunity.  The recipe is a bit more involved than my usual brownie recipe, but I prefer it.  It is a little cake-ier, but still very fudgey and moist.  My Dad hates the sandy texture of lentils, but I don’t sense any of that in these brownies.   I wonder if folks will want them after I tell them the secret ingredient, or if they will be comforted knowing it is only lentils when the girl from BC brings ‘special brownies’?

The view Sunday morning - just a dusting.


  1. It’s probably good you pre-empted the girl-from-BC comments. I’m game for adding healthy stuff to baking – will you post or share a recipe, please?

  2. You sure they will let you back into BC after baking brownies with that kind of a ‘special’ ingredient?!?

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