Ergonomist, heal thyself

New standing workstation!

When I got to USask I was happy to have a private office, and even found the ex-patient room aspects of it (like the 1950s nurse-call device) charming. However, the ergonomics of the workstation left soothing to be desired – the massive solid wood desk had a lot of character, but was horrid for a computer workstation. I was a little embarrassed to have such a crappy set-up since injury prevention is meant to be my bread and butter. So, I decided to find out what it would take to get a healthy set-up at the University. I thought this would help introduce me to my ergo-colleagues on campus and introduce me to the process so that I could advise others like a kind of ergo-evangelist; you too can feel the healing power of a sloping keyboard and lumbar support!

It started with an ergonomic assessment by two OHS professionals, then a visit by an interior designer, a trip to campus acquisitions to pick out a chair, and installation by some of the University facilities trades-workers. In between each of these stages was a bunch of approval hoops through various committees to get funding and track purchases. So after being here over 5 months, I finally have great workstation: a sit-stand with motorized adjustment like I had in Sweden (and which seems to be the standard there). It has attracted quite some attention in the department so there may some more popping up (in 6-12 months).

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