Back in Gävle!

A week ago I arrived back in Gävle. It felt great to take the train back North into town and drive with Camilla to Valbo.  In my unstructured thoguhts about coming back to Sweden I pictured it as it was: me in my old apartment and working in my old office, working out at the gym at which I no longer have a membership.  I was preparing myself for things to look  different, and for me to feel like a stranger again.  It has been a happy surprise for everything to feel very comfortable… I am very much at home at Camilla’s where I am staying, in Tor building where I am working, in Gävle running around town and visiting folks. I have been putting in a lot of working hours to get some flight loader project work done, but I have also been able to do a lot of fun stuff:

  1. Mushroom hunting (and eating!)
  2. Blueberry/lingon picking
  3. Fika at Tor with my colleagues
  4. Shopping for Swedish specialties at coop
  5. Picking up some Craft and Björn Borg stuff we can’t get in Canada
  6. Shopping in Stor Torget
  7. Running at Hemlingby

The temperature is starting to get a bit crisp for Fall, but apart from one big thunderstorm the weather has been pretty nice.  I am trying to drink it all in while staying healthy so I can have a reasonable trip home and productive September in SK.