Brush Clearing

Graham and Randy dragging broken limbs. Randy has his fluo-orange hat because deer season starts in a few days and some hunters may ‘jump the gun’.

Not just for George W Bush anymore! Winter arrived in Sasktchewan this week.  Last weekend we went for a paddle on the river, and this weekend we have had several days of snow. There are no tracks set in the city yet, but yesterday Graham and I went to the forest near Prince Albert to clear a bunch of trails so we can ski on them later.

The late afternoon sun

There was about 8 inches of heavy snow and it is dragging all the trees onto the path. It was a lot of work to clip and saw and drag and clear, but we needed that work to keep warm!  We got there about 10AM and left about 17:20, with a lunch break.  We were far from the warming hut so our lunch break was pretty short.  I can’t wait to get up there and do some skiing! It is snowing a bit today so maybe there will be even more branches to clear next week.

Me and the friendly trail snowman


  1. That looks so nice!! I wish Sask would be closer so we could swing by for a weekend ski with you guys (if you are willing to slow down enough :-))

  2. You and Jeff are welcome to come and stay in the spare room anytime you like – just bring your parkas. (Also, we are not that fast on skis…)

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