The very long winter

The only Ingals-wilder book I have read came in handy
The only Ingals-Wilder book I have read came in handy


At first it was just Saskatchewan. Then it was annoying, then depressing. Now it is National news.

On Saturday night it snowed like crazy, and Sunday we had super-wind over 50km/hr that gave us -12 windchill.  We were supposed to go paddling but I did yoga instead; I did not want to be cold.  I did initiate some home projects though; I bought two end tables so we can rest drinks down when sitting on the couch (lots of indoor time to think about this).  One table will be painted ‘green apple’ and I am going to stain our pine dining table as well.  I just need a day that is warmer than 10 C and not windy so I can do it outside!!!  Good luck.  Sunday was the coldest April 21 in 100 years.  At least it makes a good story to tell grand-nieces.


This weather prompts thinking: What would I be doing if not in SK?  If in Sweden, then much the same, just classier and in better-designed surroundings. They have also had a crummy, slow spring, although they have had a lot more skiing this month than we have.   If in BC, I would be paddling in the mornings and thinking it is pretty chilly at 4-8 degrees… that’s certainly relative.   If in Australia, I would be enjoying Autumn and getting ready for (ha!) winter.

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