Finally Published!

Last December I had an article FINALLY accepted for publication after submitting to a few journals and making lots of changes to frame the rationale and make it more palatable for reviewers.  In 2010 I finally got a PhD paper published after playing tennis with the reviewers for the months; I think I had 5 (4 for sure) revisions on it, and a new reviewer  asking for original pieces to be added back in, etc.

This just in – a new article that wins the award for hardest-won publication!  Originally conceived as a conference paper in 2006, then submitted later that year, then rejected, sent somewhere else, repeat/repeat/repeat, each time getting feedback and adding new pieces of information.  I think it got a little better each time, but each time Mieke and Kay and I also wondered if we were doing the research equivalent of ‘throwing good money after bad’.  So glad it paid off, even if 7 years later!   I hope never to beat this record.