After the conference in Busan, Tim and I went to North on the train to Gyeongju.  It is a very historic place, the former capital of the Silla empire more than 1000 years ago.  We took a hike through the Namsan mountain and valleys to see the many stone relics and ruins than remain from that time, lots still standing from 600AD.  The Buddhist stone carvings were my favorites, but the hike would have been great even without them; it was a a great set of trails with ropes to repel down the steep cliffs (no harness!) The only slight downside was the heat and humidity, by the time we ended it was 34 degrees and it must have been about 80%, judging from how sweaty we were.  We knew it would be warm so I brought my backpack with several litres of water. Although I’m glad we did, the backpack is basically a heavy vest that makes you even more sweaty.   Here are some hiking photos:


korea 201

korea 182

korea 214

korea 219

korea 221

korea 226

korea 230

korea 181

korea 185

korea 191

korea 196

korea 212

korea 219

korea 231

korea 224

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