Korean agriculture

korea 234
Close up of a rice paddy

Korea is one of the most heavily cultivated places I have visited. Every bit of flat, arable space seems to be used for a garden, veggies planted into odd-shaped plots between buildings, by train tracks, along the road, and in back/side/front yards. Some of these are for home eating, but lots are commercial, in that there are roadside veggie stands everywhere. It is possible to see folks head carrying massive baskets of veggies on the super modern subway at rush hour so that they can sell produce downtown. Awesome!

korea 233
One of the bigger, more involved back-yard operations that must be commercial
korea 187
A view of the valley below Namsan
korea 159
Great big rice paddy, no terracing on this one
korea 150
Women with substantial sun protection raking hay in Gyeongju. The hay gets carried in a flatbed truck over to a stationary baler and then it’s fed to animals.
korea 145
Tim and I at the massive lotus fields/ponds. The flowers are popular motifs at temples and in homes, and apparently it is a popular place for couples to take photographs. This selfie is decidedly unromantic, but we wanted to get in on the fun anyway.
korea 086
Slightly blurry view from the train of (slightly) terraced rice mixed with fruit trees and field veg.