Animals of the Florida Swamp

Yikes.  They mean business!

Florida swaps have a lot of interesting animals, and certainly some very exotic ones. Big thanks to Pat for taking all these photos with her waterproof camera (I think I need to get one!)

Alligator! This fellow was sunning himself on the banks when we turned the corner in our canoe.  We got QUITE close to him with no reaction - most of the time they plop into the water.
Monkeys! These guys aren't indigenous, but apparently were accidentally released from a movie set years ago.  They really took hold and now have a self-sustaining population and Silver Springs park.
Even more Monkeys!
even more monkies!
So many manatees!
so many manatees!
Me swimming with the manatees!
swimming with the manatees!
Sandhill cranes, in their winter home
Sandhill cranes, in their winter home
Manatee Rules: Do not ride.  :(
Rules! Do not ride.


  1. Whoa! more amazing photos from your adventures.
    I Love this wildlife post, and that picture with the double sign, that is brilliant!
    Thank you for sharing.

    Also, Manatees! Awesome!!!!

    and agreed a waterproof camera is an excellent idea. 🙂

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