Florida paddles

Canoe on the deck of the rental house
Canoe on the deck

For the first time in more than a decade, I did a Spring training camp. For the first time ever, it was in a tropical place. We stayed with a group of Saskatchewaners and Manitobans and paddled in the swampy, winding rivers all over central Florida.

Boardwalk portage through the swamp
boardwalk portage through the swamp

We stayed together in a rental house and later in resort cabins, both on the river front by the Rainbow and Withlachoochee rivers. WE could pick up the canoes and put into either one for an early morning or later afternoon paddle.

Trailering to a new place
Trailering to a new place

We also loaded the boats up to try out some different waterways. We visited the Silver River, Crystal River, andWeeki Wacthee Springs.

Loading up
Loading up

When we headed out on these adventures, we did a morning paddle, ate a picnic lunch, and then paddled again in the afternoon before packing up and picking up groceries on the way home to dinner. These were usually 2.5 hrs or so for each paddle, so that really added up over the week!

Picnic between practices
picnic between practices

I paddled bow and stern and learned a few things for each. I was a little sore, but ate ‘ferociously’ and had lots of time to stretch and recover, so I wasn’t dragging by the end of the week and didn’t need to take any workouts off.

Paddling away
Paddling away

I’d do it again for sure. It was a great escape from the frozen North, and a nice break from regular work life as well.

Paddling past the riverfront homes
paddling past the riverfront homes


  1. Wow! I Love the picture of your adventures, so awesome!

    I appreciate how very brave and strong you are to paddle a million hours a day for a week. So awesome you guys took a break from winter, and moved your body’s tropical-adventure style! So awesome. And I bet you were all so very hungie!

    Good for you for rocking so much self-care and stretchy times!

    You and Graham are Superstars!

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