So I finally made it up to the National Park for a camping weekend.  I haven’t been there since Western Canada Games 1999 (sponsored by Weyerhauser; you know its old when SK events are sponsored by wood and not potash!) We did a rec boat fun race on Saturday, and then Edith and I did a 4-hour paddle on the lakes Sunday.

Wildlife count:

  • Bear: 1
  • Fox: 1
  • Moose: 1
  • Marten: 1
  • Eagles: 4
  • Osprey: 1
  • Loons: 6 (plus babies!)
  • Elk: dozens
  • Dear: lots
  • Squirels: too many!

Photo count: 0!  Cory and Edith took some so I’ll post some of theirs if I get some.

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