Kitties of Mission

Cappucino the cute Whidden Crescent Kitty
Cappuccino the cute Whidden Crescent Kitty

The last few weeks mom has been telling me about the cute kitties that have been cozying up in the backyard. Not one but TWO nieghbourhood cats that come by for a visit when my mom is gardening, but who actually belong to the neighbours so my parents don’t have t worry about taking care of them. Perfect!

Look at his cute little socks!  He comes by often for pets.
Look at his cute little socks! He comes by often for pets.

The most recent one is Cappuccino, a blue-eyed siamese-type cat who is jump-into-your-lap friendly and very soft. He is a little bit hissy if you touch a particular spot on his back (a la meowy-scratchington), but overall a good nieghbour.


This is not a tail pull, but rather the end of a cat-pet.

The other kitty has been around for longer, and loves mom but is a little more shy with everyone else. His tail has a funny bend in it so that it crurls over his back like a pug – se we named him Benty. Mom has tried to feed him some choice meat scraps but he doesn’t want treats – just a social visit. Even though this guy wasn’t thrilled with me, the whole situation showed me where my cat-whispering skills comes from.

Close-up of Benny by Mom’s chair

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  1. Cutest post ever!!!!

    Great kitty pictures, they are clearly posing for optimal cuteness!

    And great pictures of Mom and kitty action shots!

    Love it, thank you!

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