Kim Chi!

Homemade Kim Chi!
Homemade Kim Chi!

Ever since I visited Korea a few years ago, I have been a fan of Kim Chi. I made kim chi bipimbab while camping with Erica, and have made lots of Kim Chi pancakes. I always meant to make Kim Chi myself, but never got around to it. This January I made two batches, and it is way easier than I expected. Advice: rinse the salt off more than you think you need to, and taste the su choy to make sure you rinsed it enough. Crazy salty kim chi is not as nice. I also recommend fermenting it in the sink, my second batch was so active that it popped off the lid and sprayed kim chi juice like a shaken can of coke.

Kim chi is good on rice, as an accompaniment to stirfry, or in soup. This week we had it mixed into tuna burgers. Forget all that, the best thing to do with kim chi is kim chi pancake:
4 eggs
1 cup chopped kim chi
bean sprouts
sliced red pepper
enoki mushrooms
chopped su choy
grated ginger
chopped green onions
enough tapioca flour to help it hold together

Fry these babies up in coconut oil and serve with sauce made of:
grated ginger
rice vinegar
soy sauce
sesame oil

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  1. I can enthusiastically recommend the Kimchi pancakes as Catherine made them for me before we went to the ballet in Dec.
    Quick, delicious, healthy with a little bit of spice and a very flexible recipe, very much like the cook herself.

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