Emptying Hemlock House

All cleared out!

So Hemlock House is now owned by some new residents. These folks wanted it less than a month after they made the offer, shortly after labour day weekend (today!). Graham was racing in Quebec, so I went back to empty it out and get it ready for the next folks.

There was some visiting too! Family and friends helped out.


Empty apartment selfie on the last day with Dad and David


I was really REALLY lucky to have a lot of help and support. Thanks so much to Bernie and Tom, Mom and especially Dad who made 2 trips into the city, Jordan (aho also made two trips to clear out furniture!), Raynn-Beau and Adam who took the bulk of the heavy kitchen items. Biggest thanks to David, who not only packed and cleared out, but also drove the UHAUL moving van  full of furniture to Victoria for Elizabeth. It actually turned into a pretty fun weekend, all things considered!

Don’t forget the bike and the storage locker! There was so much to do upstairs, I was a little afraid I’d get distracted and forget the basement storage locker. Not pictured: the dank spider breeding facility that was the storage locker.


What if you have a bunch of ceramic stuff and no packing paper? If it’s Thursday, you hit up a Georgia Straight news box.


When you clean out a fridge and kitchen, there is a LOT of recycling to be done.


The piles of stuff were amazing. I think each box must have been shuffled and moved at least 4 times.


Dad taking a break from loading and packing


Cupboards cleared and cleaned. Teapot was the last thing to get used and packed.


What does an apartment look like after you’ve cleared it all out? I left some mercy toilet paper for the new folks who may need to ‘go’ before they unpack.


David helped out with the final clear-out


Bed frame disassembly – getting closer!

Farewell Hemlock House! It was a good little apartment and we had a lot of good times and fun parties there. We’ll be back for X-mas, and have already found airbnb new hemlock house across the street. It even has a pine outside the window (maybe a certain raccoon lives there now?)

I will miss this view.      🙁


Word of the Day

Saudade is a Brazilian Portuguese word for a sad but sweet nostalgia.  Thievery corporation has a bossa nova song to articulate the feeling. So apt(artment)!


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  1. Awesome photo essay! – Thank you for staying focused in the storage locker, and leaving out any spider breeding facility photos. (Eww, he he he)
    Way to go superstar! A good big job, well done!
    So nice to leave mercy t.p. for the next folks.
    Hemlock house is such a good house. I am going to miss you Hemlock housey.
    Thank you for the awesome visits, and house items, they are all being enjoyed, and appreciated. Thank you. 🙂

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