While I took next to no photos from the wedding in Toronto, I did take some photos at the Royal Ontario Museum. We saw the Chihuly exhibit, which included about a dozen massive illuminated blown-glass installations. Cool!






We also went to the first people’s exhibit and the Pacific Islands exhibit, as well as a special exhibit on the gender/sexuality fluidity of wakashu in samurai-era Japan. They have whole floors and wings we never got to see. If I lived in Toronto, I would absolutely get a year’s membership and go a bunch of times!

Graham with the 4-story totem, stolen with love from Haida Gwaii
Graham with the top of the 4-story totem, stolen with love from Haida Gwaii
Birch bark canoes, which look light and flexible enough to navigate some rocky rivers. I’d try one!

Since we were there on a weekend, there were some special events including a parade and interpretation of flags from Ghana, complete with singing and dancing.

Ghanian fabrics and song abound
This is a coffin from Ghana, where it is common to bury people in something symbolic of their life. The fisherman might get a massive ornate fish; a successful business man (or car guy) might commission this Mercedes.