Research Report 2016

Team photo after data collection in a swine barn
Team photo after data collection in a swine barn

While it wasn’t an easy year in many arenas, research-wise 2016 went pretty well.  Things have been quiet on this blog because I have been posting most of the research news over on my U of S Lab website. I also started a twitter account, and you don’t need to sign up to read the updates on Twitter or on the ErgoLab homepage.  There were some exciting awards and accomplishments of my students highlighted there.

In 2016 I was lucky enough to get grant funding from WCB Saskatchewan, Heritage Canada, U of S Department of Medicine, CIHR, Mitacs, and WorkSafeBC.  We had a great conference in Toronto for the Canadian Association for Research in Work and Health, and I will spend the next 2 years acting as the president for that organization (planning the 2018 conference now!)

Here are the year’s articles:

  1. Zeng, X., Kociolek AM, Khan MI, Milosavljevic S, Bath B, Trask C. (2016) Whole Body Vibration Exposure Patterns in Canadian Prairie Farmers. Ergonomics p 1-22
  2. Wahlström, J., Bergsten, E., Trask, C., Jackson, J., Forsman, M., Mathiassen, S.E. (2016) Full-shift trunk and upper arm postures and movements among aircraft baggage handlers. Annals of Occupational Hygiene. 60(8): 977-990
  3. King, N., Pickett, W., Hagel, L., Dosman, J., Trask,C., Jansson, I. for the Saskatchewan Farm Injury Cohort Study Team. (2016) Identifying and mitigating risks for agricultural injury associated with obesity. Injury Prevention. 7(4):220-224
  4. Trask, C., Bath, B., Johnson, P., Teschke, K. (2016) Risk Factors for Low Back Disorders in Saskatchewan Farmers: Building a Foundation for Epidemiological Studies. Journal of Medical Internet Research-Research Protocols. 5(2)
  5. Essien, S., Bath, B., Koehncke, N., Trask, C. (2016) Association between whole body vibration and low back disorder in farmers: a cohort study. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. 58(6): 212-217
  6. Hagel, L., King, N., Dosman, J. A., Lawson, J., Trask, C., Pickett, W., & Saskatchewan Farm Injury Cohort Study Team. (2016). Profiling the safety environment on Saskatchewan farms. Safety science, 82, 103-110.

With a few accepted that will be published next year:

  1. Heiden, Garza, Trask, Mathiassen (2016) Predicting directly measured trunk and upper arm postures in paper mill work from administrative data, workers’ ratings and posture observations Accepted for publication in BMC Medical Research Methodology, BMRM-D-16-00190
  2. Zeng, X., Trask C., Kociolek A. Whole-body Vibration Exposure of Occupational Horseback Riding in Agriculture: a Ranching Example. Submitted to: American Journal of Industrial Medicine; 2016; Manuscript ID: AJIM-16-0100.
  3. Trask, C., Rostami, M., Mathiassen, S.E., Heiden, M. (2016) Observer variability in posture assessment from video recordings: the effect of partly visible periods. Accepted for publication in: Applied Ergonomics. Manuscript # JERG-D-16-00133.

U of S also awarded me tenure this year, so now I can tell them what I REALLY think.  🙂