Ferry photos

Everyone likes the Ferry!

Graham's modeling shot #1
Graham’s modeling shot #1

That is not strictly true. For folks that live on the Island or who take the ferry a lot, the ferry is an inconvenient, expensive, and time consuming necessity for getting back and forth to the mainland. When I lived in Victoria, I felt that way; the ferry was something that you rush to, grumble about, and then ignore while you read your way across.

Township on the ferry LIKE A BOSS
Township on the ferry LIKE A BOSS

Now that I live on the prairies, I miss the ocean and the ferry feels like a real treat. I’ve taken a handful of ferry trips since moving away from BC, and for the most part I now spend them as a tourist: walking on the decks, looking out at the water, and marveling at the scenery ( and occasionally looking for wildlife).

David and Graham were kind enough to also be up for a walk on the decks, even though it was a bit chilly and windy in December.
Selfie with another ferry in Active Pass!

Of course, being on the island is great too and is really the point of it all.

David’s modeling shot on the beach in Mt Doug Park