Introducing Vin Diesel

This post has nothing to do with the fast and the furious, and no apologies for that.

Giant Maine Coon sitting on the fence

While visiting my parents in March, I saw a cat in the backyard as I was doing dishes. I tiptoed outside to try to convince the cat to be petting, but she came running right over, and purred REALLY loudly. Mum came out to see her, and said she sounded like a diesel, so that’s what we called here. David decided one name wasn’t enough, so she became Vin Diesel.

She makes herself comfortable on Mum’s recliner

She is comfortable coming inside, and has event gotten some treats left over from the last friendly neighbour cats that moved away a year ago. She has been visiting almost daily and usually gets up to some cute hijinks during her visit. She is really big and fluffy, and she seems smarter than usual, so we suspect she is a Maine Coon.

Like she owns the place

Of course, Diesel can’t be the cutest kitty of all time, since that title is held by long-departed grey kitty (see below). However, she does seem to be the cutest kitty currently.

Your kitty is great and I’m real happy for you, but grey kitty is the CUTEST KITTY OF ALL TIME