Happy Thanksgiving!

Lönn (maple) changing colour

…and happy birthday to my Mum! With perfect Autumn timing, this week I read a new favourite Swedish language/culture blog (in English!) and was introduced to Elsa Beskow, a Swedish poet, author, and illustrator. Like a Swedish Beatrix Potter, she wrote children’s books with the most charming illustrations. Having spent a good portion of this Autumn in the forest, I can attest to the accuracy of the mushrooms, leaves, squirrels, birch, and of course the fairies and elves. I thought Mum might appreciate the paintings and also the story behind them of a brave woman publishing her vision of nature in the 1800s. Enjoy the pictures, the poems, and enjoy the day!

xoxo Catherine

It really looked like this until the rain beat most of the leaves off.
The Chantarelle family!
Autumn bounty: lingon berries, karl-johan-svamp (a bolete mushroom) chantarelles, pinecones and moss on the forest floor. These are flyggsvamp (red toadstool) elves, judging by their caps.
A Song of Autumn

It glimmers in gold and clearest red

It rustles so slowly in the park

autumn has come, and the birch and maple

they fall now their leaves to the ground

“So fall now leaves, fall soft and light…

we weave a blanket so warm and dense…

we weave your blanket to the ground.

See Winter is near, and the weather is grey…

now must we warm and shine!

We weave a blanket so warm and so good,

so the flowerchildren [fairies] will not freeze.

Sleep well, flower children, sleep well, sleep well.

We weave a blanket in gold and red,

we weave it to the ground”

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!