Views from city walks

Granite otters

I had pictured my first months in Stockholm involving a lot of museums, especially given the rainy autumns that are typical here. However, pandemic guidelines mean museums are out for the time being, so we’ve been doing a lot of walks.

Luckily Stockholm has lots of cool neighborhoods to visit, with lots of cool public art like these additions to the animal sculpture files.

Sibyllans fancy tea shop in fancy Östermalm has a fancy Christmas window populated with animatronic lynx (please excuse the window glare)

Most often we walk in the forest, but it’s nice to take a turn through the city sometimes, and see the store windows and urban gardens. It is cool to see the Euro-architectural mix of old and new.

Graham is deciding what he likes bet at this highly floral storefront
Turret and ornate balconies next to light-up façade.
Lovely Synagogue near Kungsträdgården

Outdoors walks have been a nice way to explore, and even if misty and grey we haven’t been poured on so far. The museums will still be there in a few seasons, and there will be lots of rainy days to enjoy them later.