Dec 22: Make a 2020 Ornament

Part of the 2020 good-times advent calendar! If you have ideas, and/or would like to see something fun drawn into the advent calendar, please let me know. Comment below or email/WhatsApp me and let’s have fun this next few weeks.

In lots of households it is common to get or make a Christmas ornament for each year, often with the year on it. It could be a souvenir picked up while traveling, or a gift from someone. This has never been the case in my family, but the December after my parent’s house burned down we had an ornament making party to replace all the homemade ones that had burned. The new ones carried the same one-of-a-kind, handmade appearance that felt more personal than buying ornaments. You might think they’d be reminders of a bummer event, but since they were made months after the fire they really carried the memories of so many caring people coming together for a fun afternoon/evening.

What kind of ornament fits well for 2020? Here are some ideas:

*zoom logo

*mini knitted sweatpants

*anything made from toilet paper tubes

*purell bottles filled with glitter, confetti, and snowflakes

*regular ornaments, but with little face masks

*pomander, which is an orange with cloves pushed into it, except let the cloves stick out a lot more like it’s a fragrant corona virus

*a small metal dumpster with a tealight in it

*2m of garland

*new baby in the family? I know Elliot will be getting a “baby’s first pandemic”

*homemade ornament crafted out of takeout containers

*regular ornaments, but this year style your tree by hanging them really far apart