Happy Birthday David!

David with his Mum-baked cake and local berries during Yoga Camp at Diana House in 2020.
The year before this he had a similar berry tart at the Salt Spring Centre (July birthdays get the best treats).

Happy Birthday dear brother! It has been a big and strange year, when many of us will tell stories of when and where we were and how we spent our pandemic time. Here’s to you dining out on your story for decades to come.

David’s roles in the family:

  • An only Son, making him automatically the favourite son (which he loves)
  • A big Brother, though often people ask which of us is older (which he loves)
  • A Dad to a special lady who has started a family of her own (which he loves)
  • A Grandpa two 2 great youngsters (which he loves)
  • An active Nephew, Godson, Uncle, First Cousin (and once removed)

David was also my first art teacher, my first dance-clubbing buddy, my first motorcycle instructor, my first (babysitting) employer, first safety advocate, long-time yoga teacher, and general mentor in how to embrace non-conformity. Many happy returns!